Systems Development Log

Need to 'SignUp' for enhanced access to passage plans and images

Amended all image and passage viewing pages so that if user is not signed in they cannot gain full access to the information in SkippersLog

Date Added - 05-Nov-2009

Improved image handling

Introduced use of 'Fancybox' image handling software to provide a better experience when reviewing large images.

Date Added - 05-Nov-2009

Revised Styling

A brand new look for with simpler navigation and contact sensitive options in RH panel.

Minor bug fixes also included to resolve issues with adding crew and updating equipment.

New CSS File

Date Added - 02-Nov-2009

Improved CSS Handling

Separated CSS file into static and variable CSS files to reduce download times.

Date Added - 15-Jun-2009

System Useability Upgrades

- Improved confirmation messages
- Improved handling of "'"s
- Screen Layout Tidy-Ups
- Equipment List layout improvements
- Consistent Passage Names
- Improved Passage log Layout
- Improved Waypoint, tide and weather formats
- Improved image upload error handling

Date Added - 12-Apr-2009

Improved Contact Screen

Additional options added to Contact screen enabling an improved choice of email options. Different mechanism used to simplify screen.

Date Added - 29-Mar-2009

Image Handling

Revisions to Image system to include thumbnails and better selection method.

Selected Image now displays in a new window with close option.

Date Added - 28-Mar-2009

Improved Formatting

Enhanced Formatting of:-

Navigation Bar
Inventory Print
Passage Print
Forum Layout

Date Added - 28-Mar-2009

Improved Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar enhancements to improve browser compatibility and standardise formatting.

Date Added - 21-Mar-2009

Sample Inventory and Passage Log Added to 'Take a Tour'

Examples of an inventory and a passage log have been added to the 'Take A Tour' facility available to users who have not signed in.

News headline added on front page.

Minor error corrected in passage log if no crew allocated to passage.

Date Added - 16-Mar-2009

Initial System Release

Initial System Release including:-

User registration

Boat and equipment subsystem, Inventory Print
Passage, waypoint, tide and weather subsystem
Logbook Design and Print
Invitation to crew members
Crew/Passage Allocation
Image Upload and Tagging
Image Search and Display
Shared Passages and Images
Copy Shared Passages
Profile and Password Maintenance
Latest News and News Archive
Development Log

Date Added - 14-Mar-2009

There is no more progress to report

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