Man injured by Yacht Propeller after Falling Into The Sea

Holyhead Coastguard have been coordinating the recovery to hospital of a man in his 60s from Moelfre who, after falling from his dinghy, suffered lacerations to his leg after coming into contact with the propeller of a nearby yacht who came to assist him.

Early yesterday afternoon, the man who had been in his dinghy in Red Wharf Bay, opposite the Ship Inn, on Anglesey, had been seen to fall into the water and a nearby yacht went to assist. During the recovery the mans right leg was badly lacerated with a significant loss of blood and the yacht crew raised the alarm with the Coastguard. An ambulance was immediately called. An air ambulance was also sent to the scene.

The Moelfre Coastguard Rescue Team also attended and the Police and Marine Accident Investigation Branch have been informed.

Barry Priddis, Holyhead Coastguard Watch manager said

"It seems that the man had fallen into the water and the crew of the yacht had gone to assist, but the wind and tide dragged him to the back of the yacht where he came into contact with the propeller. The injured man then swam the 50 metres to the shoreline before getting assistance. We wish him a speedy recovery."

Date Added - 30-Apr-2009

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