Coastguard urges boat users to properly maintain their vessels

As the warm weather has encouraged boat users to take their vessels out on to the water, possibly for the first time this year, Humber Coastguard have, this afternoon, been dealing with a string of reports of broken down vessels.

This has required either another vessel to take them under tow or in extremis a lifeboat to be launched.

Mike Green, Watch Manager at Humber Coastguard said

Would any car user leave his or her car in a garage over the winter and then expect it to perform without fault when they take it out for the first time several months later?

There seems to be a general expectation of some boat users that only the minimum maintenance needs to be undertaken on their craft, and that on the next clear Bank Holiday the vessel will be fault free. Unfortunately in general things dont work that way, and like any car or motorbike, essential upkeep to the craft needs to be undertaken. Broken fan belts, or cooling systems not working properly, all can contribute into really upsetting your day when all you want to do is enjoy the marvellous weather and our wonderful coastline.

We want all boat users to be safe and have a fault free day and of course make contact with the Coastguard when you have a problem. But planned prevention is also less painful than cure.

Date Added - 25-May-2009

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