International Search For Missing Yacht

Coastguards and rescue authorities from both sides of the Atlantic are currently involved in the search for a French yacht, Actuel. The ten metre white yacht has two people on board. It departed St Pierre and Miquelon (a group of small islands off the eastern coast of Canada near Newfoundland) on 21 May, bound for Le Havre with a possible stop over in Scotland or Ireland. The last contact with the vessel was with the captains daughter who spoke with him on the phone on 24th May. At that time he said that everything was going well although they were a week behind schedule. The last known contact would put the vessel somewhere mid Atlantic.

The French Coastguard at Griz Nez received the first call reporting that the vessel was overdue and passed the information to a Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax, Canada, from where the response to the incident is being coordinated. Numerous attempts to contact the missing yacht have been made, but without success. Three fixed-wing aircraft from the UK, France and Canada are conducting a search and broadcasts are being made to cover mid Atlantic as well as coastal broadcasts by Clyde, Stornoway and Falmouth Coastguard and the Irish and French Coastguard.

Date Added - 19-Jun-2009

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