Yacht Breaks Up On Kennack Sands

At just before 4.00 pm yesterday afternoon Falmouth Coastguard were alerted to a yacht Vinca II aground at Kennack Sands in Cornwall.

The local Coastguard rescue team attended Kennack Sands beach following several reports of a yacht aground from members of the public.

The yacht was hard aground, with the father and heavily pregnant daughter crew both safe ashore. Both were looked after overnight by local Coastguards, whilst the remains of the vessel are to be recovered by local farmers.

Falmouth Coastguard Watch Manager Andy Cattrell said

The father and daughter were on passage from the Isles of Scilly to the Helford River. The vessel is normally moored in Fowey and is also their home. Seemingly they were not totally sure of their position and went too close inshore and were unfortunately driven aground. Both people were able to get ashore and made some attempt to recover personal items.

The vessel then subsequently broke up and a local farmer is helping to recover the larger pieces. Both crew were looked after overnight by the Station Officer of the Porthoustock Coastguard Rescue Team. The local council are now liaising with the owners regarding emergency accommodation for the two.

Date Added - 29-Jun-2009

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