Fairline Expands Squadron Range

With the much anticipated introduction of the Squadron 41 in the summer of 2010, Fairline will be branding all its future flybridge models as Squadron rather than Phantom. This will streamline future production to two model ranges - the Targa express cruisers and the Squadron flybridge boats.

With over 40 years experience Fairline has historically responded swiftly to changes in consumer demand and market requirements to ensure that model ranges and product offerings are contemporary, relevant and compelling for the boat buyer.

James Robinson, Sales and Marketing Director of Fairline explains, 'Over the last few years our customers have admired the exacting design and luxury styling detail of the newly launched larger Squadrons and increasingly enquired if there were plans to produce a mid-range model. The ongoing trend and demand was evident and the decision for our design team was clear to develop all forthcoming smaller flybridge models to the level of finish and detail of our renowned Squadron brand.'

Adam Greenwood, Design Director of Fairline commented, 'The task of a successful design team is to produce a range of boats that reflect current demand yet anticipate future design and style trends. While consumers become ever more discerning – and none more so than those purchasing a luxury product such as a Fairline boat, new boat models have to be ‘on trend’ and offer the latest lifestyle proposition or the buyer will move to an alternative brand.'

James Robinson continued, 'It is no coincidence that the two most recent Squadrons launched – the Squadron 55 in late 2008 and the Squadron 65 this summer, have both been critically acclaimed for their design and performance. The next one out of the factory is much anticipated by our world-wide dealer network, the Squadron 41. This model will replace the Phantom 40 and allow customers access to the world of Squadron which has most recently only been available for purchasers of 50ft + boats. Such is the excitement surrounding this model that we have already received deposited customer orders for our entire 2010 production.'

The introduction of the new smaller Squadrons marks a defining period in Fairline's history. The line up to be rolled out over the next five years will be fifteen models from 35 to 85 feet, which will be one of the largest and most comprehensive ever offered.

The Fairline Phantom model was first introduced in 1974 with the launch of the Phantom 32 and hundreds of these classic models have been sold world-wide over the last twenty-five years.

by Georgina Bartlett - Saltwater

Date Added - 25-Sep-2009

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