Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat rescues four from sinking yacht

Just after 1pm on Easter Day, Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat, Eric and Susan Hiscock (Wanderer) was called to a 27 foot yacht which had run aground on the treacherous Shingle Bank on the north side of the Needles Channel.

The yacht had a crew of four on board and when the lifeboat arrived on the scene the yacht was floundering. The lifeboat deployed their small Y-boat to assist the crew as the water at the scene was too shallow for the lifeboat to approach the casualty. They managed to pick up two of the crew as the vessel sank and the Coastguard helicopter rescued the other two.

At this time of year the sea is extremely cold so the skill and speed of the volunteer lifeboat crew is critical if lives are to be saved. Fortunately all four people were saved but suffered hypothermia and were taken to hospital.

Source RNLI Press Release

Date Added - 14-Apr-2010

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