Porthcawl RNLI lifeboat launched during attempted theft

Porthcawl's RNLI lifeboat 'Giles' was launched at 16:04 on Sunday 25th January to go to the aid of a fishing boat drifting in the harbour area, following an attempted theft in broad daylight.

Crew members, harbour boat users and members of the public watched in amazement as a male dressed in a red fisherman’s suit boarded a boat moored in the harbour and attempted to steal it. The police were called and were able to catch and question the man who had tried to escape the scene after being challenged by other boat users.

Witnesses saw the man board the '17 foot day fisher' craft and take off the covering, throwing his fishing gear into the cabin area. He then let go the moorings and attempted to start the engine. Once started he did not appear to know how to put it into gear and the craft was seen to hit the harbour wall several times as the rising tide caused waves to flow across the harbour. At this stage boat owners challenged him and questioned what he was doing. He did say he was the owner but when he eventually realised that he was not going to get away with the theft, he scrambled up the harbour steps and attempted, unsuccessfully, to escape.

Lifeboat crew, with Aileen Jones as helm, recovered the drifting craft. Crewman Tim Morgan, who himself has a boat moored in the harbour, was landed on board the drifting boat and secured it back to its moorings whilst police interviewed witnesses.

Date Added - 26-Jan-2009

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