Three illegally moored boats removed from Oxford Canal

As part of its crack down on non-licensed craft, British Waterways removed three unlicensed and illegally moored boats from the Oxford Canal in Oxford on Thursday 5 March.

In order to keep a craft on waterways that are owned and managed by British Waterways, the owners must obtain a licence, similar to a car tax. Those that do not are pursued by British Waterways' enforcement teams. When an owner fails to obtain a licence, British Waterways has powers under Section 8 of the British Waterways Act 1983 to remove the craft from the water.

Despite repeated requests from the enforcement team, the owners failed to comply by licensing the craft and/or removing it from the waterway, so British Waterways used its powers to remove the craft. Two of the craft will be destroyed while the third will be sold and monies recovered.

South East business development manager, Murray Geddes said: "It's clearly not fair on the many thousands of boaters who pay their licence and mooring fees for a small minority to assume they are above the law. We’re committed to enforcing licence and mooring conditions, and the removal of these illegal unlicensed boats is something that is increasing due to our crackdown on licence evaders.

"Currently on the South Oxford Canal our enforcement team is dealing with 17 cases through the Section 8 process and of those, five craft have been removed, two are waiting to be craned out of the water, and two have been licensed by their owner's. The remaining eight boat owners face the potential of their boat being removed from the water subject to the outcome of final discussions with enforcement officers."

Date Added - 12-Mar-2009

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