Exmouth RNLI lifeboat out twice at weekend

A number of sightings of an unmanned dory boat adrift in the sea prompted fast action by Exmouth RNLI at 9.29am on Saturday March 14th - who tasked their Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) volunteer crew to recover the vessel.

Volunteer crew members Scott Ranft, Dave Preece and Tom Angell located the boat drifting in the narrow channel. A navigational hazard, the crew towed the vessel back and secured it at a buoy at Shelley Beach. There were no markings to establish the owners of the boat.

The following day, Sunday March 15th, at 2.13pm the ILB was tasked by Brixham Coastguards to assist a man and woman on a broken down jetski - drifting out to sea on the outgoing tide. ILB crew members Scott Ranft, Ian Taylor and Andy Stott towed the jetski back to shore - the man remaining on the jetski and the woman taking refuge in the ILB.

Date Added - 16-Mar-2009

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