Five injured as boat lands heavily in the water

Five people were injured in a large rigid water jet powered passenger carrying vessel, the `Ocean Ranger, which came off a wave and landed heavily in the sea off the coast of south west Wales.

The vessel run by Thousand Island Expeditions is an MCA coded vessel capable of carrying 12 passengers, and was carrying 11 passengers at the time of the incident.

The incident occurred off St Justinians, around a mile and a half from St Davids. Rescue helicopter, R 169, took the most seriously injured person to Withybush hospital after winching the individual from the scene, who was suffering from serious back injuries. After the vessel made its way back to St Justinians, a further two individuals were taken by an air ambulance to the same hospital, both of whom were also suffering from back injuries.

Two further people were taken by land ambulances, also to Withybush hospital, possibly with bruised or broken ribs.

St Davids Coastguard Rescue Team were also mobilised and they assisted in getting the passengers off the vessel and communications shoreside.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch have been informed and MCA surveyors will visit the craft tomorrow.

Date Added - 15-Apr-2009

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