Round the Island Race weather briefing - plan ahead with Raymarine

Raymarine, race partner of the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race, is once again offering competitors the opportunity to receive weather and tidal information via free SMS text messages and/or email. In addition to this popular service, there will be a full and detailed weather briefing at the Island Sailing Club, Cowes at 1800 on 19 June for competitors, club race officers and safety boat crews.

Raymarine has teamed up with renowned marine meteorologist Chris Tibbs to provide daily weather briefings during the run up to race day, enabling crews to see the developing weather patterns up to the start of the race. Downloads will be available from 17 June, giving entrants useful information on weather and tide patterns prior to the race. Chris will also present the full weather briefing on the eve of the race, providing the weather forecast for the race day, complete with the progression of tides, currents, wind speed and direction for the Isle of Wight and surrounding waters.

The race, which takes place on 20 June this year, is the largest and most spectacular yacht race of its kind in the world, enjoyed by top professionals and newcomers alike. Attracting over 1,700 boats and 16,000 sailors, it is vital that competitors know what to expect from weather and tides.

To receive email or SMS weather alerts, log onto

Date Added - 16-Apr-2009

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