Passage Warning

The passage details below have been made public by a user of the SkippersLog website. The details have not been verified by anyone and must not be relied upon for navigation without first being checked against a proper navigation chart. The vessel used for the passage is shown if it is known but it may have very different characteristics to your vessel. The tide and weather conditions must also be checked as they may be very different to those prevailing at the time this passage was carried out.

Passage Details


VesselHanse 300

Planned Depart: 6:00 on Fri 05-Jun-2009Planned Arrival: 22:00 on Fri 12-Jun-2009
Weather Forecasts
There are no forecasts entered for this passage. Ensure you have the latest weather forecast before commencing the passage.
Tidal Data
05-06-20096:337.6 M15:230.5 MOldburyBiggest tide Mon 8th
05-06-200918:1310.4 M11:562.6 MBarryArrive LW leave HW-2
05-06-20096:008.4 M23:451.9 MSwansea/OxwichHW time is for Sat m
06-06-200918:106.3 M12:051.5 MTenbyArrive Nr LW
07-06-20096:306.2 M12:581.4 MTenby / Milford

Waypoints and Courses
There are no waypoints entered for this passage.If the passage looks interesting why not SignUp Now for SkippersLog and see more of our great facilities. You can then start to compile your own passage plans or copy this one to amend as you want.
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