Yarmouth From: ChristchurchTo: Yarmouth
Planned Depart: 10:40 on Sat 18-Oct-2008Planned Arrival: 12:00 on Sat 18-Oct-2008Pilotage through Christchurch Harbour and through Mudeford Quay. Through buoyed channel into bay and first waypoint. Across bay taking north channel. Give Hurst Point wide clearance to avoid the trap and through into the Solent.

Into Solent keeping Bell Sconce North Cardinal to starboard and into Yarmouth Road keeping Black Rock to Starboard. Pickup transit into Yarmouth on 186.6T and take advice from Harbour Master for mooring.

Care needed with ferry traffic to and from Yarmouth.

Admiralty Chart 2035 Western Approaches to the Solent
Admiralty Chart 2021 Harbours and Anchorages - West Solent

Crew Allocated to Passage

John Smithjohn@skipperslog.com

Engine Hours Start End Run Fuel Start End Used
Port Port
Starboard Starboard

Weather Forecasts
DateTimeWindMax GustWavesSea State/Visibility
18-10-2008 12:00F321 (kn)0.6 MSlight

Tidal Data

18-10-200812:001.7 M7:000.5 MChristchurch Entry
18-10-20080:000 M19:200.5 MChristchurch Entry

Waypoints and Courses
Christchurch Bay50° 42.38'N1° 42.32' WInto deeper water at end of buoyed channel
Steer82.97°T84.97 °M for 4.61 nm cumulative 4.61 nm
North Channel50° 42.94'N1° 35.15' WNorth channel entry.
Steer127.19°T129.19 °M for 1.43 nm cumulative 6.04 nm
Pre Hurst Point50° 42.08'N1° 33.36' WDue North of East Cardinal
Steer65.72°T67.72 °M for 0.39 nm cumulative 6.43 nm
Hurst Point50° 42.24'N1° 32.8' WDue South of Hurst Point
Steer66.22°T68.22 °M for 1.2 nm cumulative 7.63 nm
Past Bell Sconce50° 42.72'N1° 31.08' WKeep Bell Sconce to starboard
Steer90°T92 °M for 0.7 nm cumulative 8.33 nm
Pickup Transit50° 42.72'N1° 29.98' WKeep Black Rock to starboard. Pickup transit on 187.6T into harbour entrance
DatePosition LatHeadingCOGWindEngineComment
TimePosition LongLogSOGPressureReadings/Note

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