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SkippersLog.com is the place for you to store all your boat and passage information and share it with the crew for your passages. SkipperLog is for those with yachts, motorboats, ribs, powerboats, tenders or no boat at all!

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Boat Inventory

The boat section of SkippersLog lets you store details on your boat and the equipment on board. Use this facility to produce an inventory you can print and keep on board.

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Passage Plans and LogBook

Select Passages and start to plan your next voyage. Record the key information for the passage including tidal information and waypoints as well as pilotage details. Then print pages for the passage for your logbook in our standard format. Send a message to the crew members for the passage so they can share the passage plan in advance. Once the passage has been negotiated enter the logbook entries into the passage plan to give a compete record for the voyage. At present there is a limit of 10 passages per annum.

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Photo Upload

Photos provide an instant reminder of the highs (and lows) of a passage. Upload your photos into SkippersLog and share them with the crew. If you're feeling proud share the passage with other visitors to the site - no personal information is released of course. We have a limit of 10 photos uploaded per month

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Crew Record

The crew section provides the facility to log details of the members of your crew including their email address. This information is used by other parts of SkippersLog to share information on passages with crew members - under your control of course. It could be a crew member has signed up to SkippersLog in their own right.

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As our members record store their passages into the database and choose to share them so these will become available to visitors to the site. Read the passages and gain inspiration or ideas for passages of your own or simply enjoy the experiences of our other members.

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All visitors to SkippersLog.com have access to read our forum and read shared passage logs. The forum is available for visitors to post questions relating to the use and maintenance of their boat or general boating queries. To make posts or to post a reply visitors need to sign up with SkippersLog and then sign in.

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Thoughts from our resident skipper as he lives the boat owning experience.

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The SkippersLog bookstore in conjunction with Amazon provides access to a range of specially selected books for all those interested in boating. Take a look - theres probably a book or an idea there for you.

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Keep up to date with the latest developments in the boating world.

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SkippersLog is your online personal boating logbook.

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